I suppose I am writing a letter to someone I don’t know, but, since you were on TV, it should be considered somewhat acceptable. Still weird, though, I’m sure.

I just wanted to say thank you. But “thank-yous” are quite vague, so I also wanted to add a little context to it.

You see, Topher, about 4 years ago I left my country to go on an adventure to the amazing first world. A place known as “Canada”.

For as exciting and fun as all the ice was, I felt nothing but lost.

I missed everything that was ever familiar to me. Not because it was good before, but because it wasn’t scary and new. I didn’t have one friend. I specially missed furniture as my husband, I and the babies all slept on an empty air mattress on the floor ‘cause we didn’t know those things were supposed to come with a pump. We were newbies.

And yeah… I knew those were first world problems since ultimately we did have the option to buy food and I GET THAT people have real stuff going on in their lives, but all those changes still made my brain spin quite out of control.

Bit by bit we started building a life here and pretending everything was ok. But I still had all kinds of nightmares and anxiety problems. I was still waking up in the middle of the night in panic, not understand where I was.

But you made it stop.

Your voice sends me right back to a place I’ve been before. I know, when I listen to you, that I will laugh – eventually – so, it’s just like being with an old friend and, most importantly, it’s like being with the old me.

I recognize the world again when I hear you and even though Mondays are still unbearable, you help me get through them now. And, every week, after your little adventure is done, I am a little less afraid of mine.

So, thanks for doing the podcast.

I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Your fan,


Topher’s Podcast: @minoradventures

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