I’ve thought about deleting “mommysdoodles” simply based on the fact that it doesn’t feel like me. My character, I mean.

In my head I’m not this 80’s movie mom, or a these-days instagram mom. I’m my head I’m cool. You know, like a Natasha Lyonne sorta kinda I-guess-you-could-say person…

But the truth is… mehh… I was never cool. I’m the Topher Grace of my friendship circle. Which means I make the coolest jokes but I’m not dateable. Or wasn’t, until I met my husband… but that’s a different story. That also means I am the board game night host and always will be.

My point is, there’s a whole universe between who I think I am and who I actually am. So, I think Mommy’s doodles could be a good fit.  I mean, I am a mom, so that checks and I doodle non-stop… so… that checks too.

So of course, as I thought about this life-changing decision that was my blog’s name, I also thought about the 2 of my idols I mentioned above. I doodled Natasha during a meeting and I tweeted about it.


Apparently, I have a popularity problem on twitter but I did get the ONE like that make my day. From Mz. Lyonne herself.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 11.20.08 PM

It wasn’t about having someone famous liking something of mine… it was about the fact that maybe she liked my drawing. Maybe I was an artist? Maybe someday drawing could be my life?

Oh yeah, well, maybe.

It felt good though. To think that I can actually do things.

Oh well, good night, world.

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