Trip to the museum

I was really ready for tomorrow to be Friday… but I realized around 5:30pm that it wasn’t. So, I went through last Saturday’s photos just to maybe get the weekend vibe going on in my head and decided to share them because it was a great day ( even though I had a bug and was feeling terrible!).

My friend/boss Brent invited me and the girls to go to the museum with his nephew. I find it amazing that they have so many interactive places for kids with such gigantic structures here! I think it has to do with the fact that it’s so cold in Canada during the winter and kids need indoor activities.

Anyway, we visited the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology. We spent about 2 hours there but you can easily be there for a whole afternoon.

Here are the pics, mom:


This last one was their favourite! It was a sound machine (?) that would accelerate or slow down the music depending on how fast they spun it.

Still can’t believe tomorrow is not Friday. I am so ready for a weekend!


Take care, Gab and Julie! … oh, and Mom!


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