It is one of my many dreams in life, to be one of those dudes who goes “There’s a bug in this code! Give me 30 seconds.”  and BOOM! There ya go!

Yeah, I am not that guy.

Apparently, I’ve wasted my youth in Architecture school because back in 1999 my parents didn’t think “computers were a career” .

Well, that kinda sucked because that’s stuff is totally my calling. – she said, sounding like her teenage self.

At least I think it is?

Coding simple stuff has been the one thing I have never (EVER) gotten sick of doing over the past 20 years. There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting refresh and watching that code work!

But, even though I can pay around with my HTML and my CSS – like any 9 year old these days – like I said, I am no  bug-in-your-code guy. I don’t feel special ’cause I can create a wordpress theme… which I rarely ever do anyway because I kinda don’t see the point…

I started looking for courses I could take, thought about going back to school (but what working mom can afford that?) and then I found an amazing resource online:

I absolutely recommend this course. It’s kinda… Harvard for poor people…. It has a free version and a certified version. I promise feel smarter already just for watching this. – Probably isn’t true.

So… yeah… this is why I haven’t been blogging much… I’ve been down my little rabbit hole using every lunch time and insomnia I could to learn more about programming.

It might be worth the shot.

cs50 drawing

Take care, guys.




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