People tend to get extremely defensive when the topic is homeschooling versus traditional schooling.

I suppose that’s understandable, considering this is about our kids and , as parents, we all want to believe that we are doing what is best for them at all times.

Criticizing the system is like telling a parent straight to their face that you believe what they are doing is not right.

Criticizing homeschooling is a lot easier because us, homeschooling parents, are ridiculously outnumbered, which makes it easier for traditional schooling parents to feel like they are doing the right thing – even though most of the time they are literally doing what everyone else is doing without actually giving it much thought and even though every family and every child is different which makes “the right thing” very relative.

Yes, I do lean towards homeschooling in my speeches. I have my reasons, which believe-you-me will be exemplified in this blog. Just not at this particular moment.

So, I decided to homeschool. And I am coming up with a plan. Live. On this blog. Which I will also use as my record.

The first thing that I did was to bring my mom, who has been a teacher her whole life,  to live with us so that my husband could work after being home with the kids for 3 years.

Very much unlike me, my husband enjoys working outside the house.

Like I said, every family is different. And, on my case, I am the main breadwinner of mine, which makes homeschooling a bit tricky, but not impossible.

We would love to be able to afford to have one parent at home at all times, but that just wasn’t the case.

Still, am the kind of person who wants to be home as much as possible to support my children and help them learn. Plus, I am of a creative nature and I deeply enjoy being home in a well designed space, circled by all the elements that make my brain work at it’s best speed preferably working at night, after the kids are asleep. It’s a pattern I have developed during Architecture School and it’s when I’m at my best.

So, every family has their advantage list when the topic was homeschooling. Some families have money so that one parent can just teach full time, some families have knowledge in every area. Me? I had a background in architecture. A very flexible profession that allowed me to play with my hours and I also had been a freelance webdesigner for 20 years. This was my head start.

Where I’m at right now is I am picking online courses in both Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration and Programming – which are careers that would most likely allow me to work from home at some point so that I am not away from the house most of the day.

I have a whole year before the girls are of school age and I will dedicate all my free time to teaching them at good speed. During this year, I will acquire as much knowledge for myself as I can in the little amount of hours I actually spend at home so that when the time comes, next Summer, I will have a better portfolio to work from home and the girls will have a mother who does not spend all her waking moments working or learning because she desperately needs to find a better fitting job for this life style that she believes it’s right – for us.

I will be posting the material and resources here.

Take care, guys.




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