I didn’t use to be almost old. It just happened. It’s kind of ok, though, because if I think about life when I was young, it was just a bunch of “what-ifs”.

I had a dream since a was a child. Well, a couple of them.

The first one was to become an Architect. And, for as much as I these days think that I should actually have studied programming, there’s a good chance I’d be very frustrated had I not gone to Architecture school.

I also had a dream to move to a place where the snow would fall on Christmas day. I would watch “Home Alone” every Christmas (still do, btw) and wish to be there. So, a couple years ago, we were able to move to Canada and BOY did we finally get snow!

I grew up in front of the TV. My all time favorite show has to be “My so-called life” and I may or may not have a couple of sites about the show. In fact, I have a couple of websites, my largest one being my Hanson one. Yes, that Hanson and my favorite one being “My so-called floor plans” which is about houses from movies. I’ll talk about those in a sec.

I’m a big nerd that gets excited with things like opening a new box of coloured pencils or getting new pajamas.

My babies are too perfect and I can barely believe I get to be their mommy.

I’ll list my other sites eventually. This blog is just about me venting or doodling. Enough with the pressure for views and likes, people… I just wanna forget that for a second.